Experienced, networked, committed

Ideas are turned into goals. We pave the way for you to succeed in the wind power business sector, whereby our know-how and astute development predictions play a decisive role.

When we were were compiling our forecast in June 2015, one of our predictions for 2017 was for a gross growth in onshore output of 5,280 MW. The final figure was, in fact, 5,333 MW. This was yet another excellent forecast from our company.

We also deliver extremely good forecast results for the new instrument for "Wind an Land" calls for tender. We predicted the results of the call for tender posted in May 2017 with an accuracy of almost 100 % back in November 2016. In the following calls for tender our price indications were also very accurate.

All customers and stakeholders who have followed our recommendations in recent years have moderately expanded their workforces (from the end of 2015 only in exceptional cases, since we have already anticipated the market downturn in 2019), continually increased their own holdings and registered profits. Due to our accurate forecasts, they were also successful with the calls for tender from 2017 onwards and have received corresponding bid award notifications for their projects.

Our service spectrum

  • Assistance in determining prices for calls for tender
  • Active marketing of project rights and Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG) approvals
  • Active marketing of repowering projects
  • Active marketing of existing installations
  • Development of cooperation models
  • Active support in finding projects
  • Strategy consulting
  • Market analyses
  • Active search for partner companies
  • Company reviews